Yogyakarta Part 4 – Cycling Tour & Merapi Jeep Tour


Our favorite part of the entire trip is here!

We woke up real early that morning, ready for pick up at 6am. Andi came to our hostel to fetch us and we’re off to our first activity of the day – cycling in a local village. It was about half an hour drive over to this village.

It was drizzling at the beginning but soon stop after a while. We both love the view and the paddy fields we see as we cycle past. We also stopped by a couple of places to take photos. Our guide for this tour was a local whom owns a batik shop too.

Here’s a picture with the guide! And look at the photos he took for Gen and I. We also found out that he is a professional photographer that has worked in couple of countries before. Apparently, he also did a few collaborations/workshops at Tangs, Singapore before!

After about 1.5hours of cycling, we headed to the batik shop, had a cup of tea and begin to tour the shop. The batik material is really beautiful – I would totally get one for my future house :) But since I can’t get such a huge one, I got a scarf instead. Tatang, the guide and owner was sharing with us the process of how Batik is made. He also often fly around to conduct workshops or display of his’ Batik art.

So much fun, but that’s not the end! Instead of returning to our hostel to rest, we got our guide to drive us to try a local cuisine called – Gudeg Bu Lies. It is a traditional dish made from boiling jack fruit with spices. We saw one that was famous but decided to opt for one that was supposed to be less sweet.

We got the one that was mixed (excluding chicken heart). Personally, I still find it a little sweet and taste really unique. The tempeh was super nice though!

While passing by one of the alley, we saw a wall full of graffiti and starting snapping pictures. Andie saw us doing that and told us he’ll bring us to an area full of graffiti wall.
It was along the stadium.

After a good meal and snapping of pictures, we’re off to our next adventure. It’s also one with the most adrenaline rush! *Drum roll please*

The highly raved Merapi Lava Tour is also one where we highly recommend to go for the jeep tour.


Our guide for this tour was one awesome guy as well! He can’t speak English really well but he always try to communicate to us with the little he has and even go the extra mile taking pictures (in ways, we are so afraid for his’ safety) and recommending places (where most people aren’t at), to take pictures and looking unto the view.

It was a really rocky road – Gen almost flew out a couple of times as she held tightly for her life (exaggerating a little). We loved it!


Cost of Cycling Tour & Merapi Lava Tour inclusive of private transport is
IDR400,000 (Cycling Tour) + IDR 350,000 (Merapi Lava Tour) + IDR 575,000 (12 hours car) = IDR 1,325,000/SGD136.32 for 2 persons

We finished the tour at about 3pm and it was time to head back to hostel. While on the car ride back, we were asking Andie about the local scene where we observed stalls being set up (converted from day stall) to night food places – at about 10pm. He was sharing with us that some of that is also a make-shift gambling dens where locals chill till real late night, which kinda makes me wonder – don’t they need to sleep?

So anyways, Gen really wanted to try that (it’s called Lesehan by the way) while I was pretty skeptical about the food. Nonetheless, because of her persistent, we went ahead to give it a try. It’s kind of like our chinese, zhi char stall but with Indonesian food,

As you can tell, it is really along the pathway. And so, with our limited Malay vocab and the help of google translate. We managed to order 2 fried rice with chicken and sambal.

Here’s our food!
The food is realllyyyyy good that we went to another stall to try on our last night. Just that we chose the wrong sambal chili to go with this rice. I am indeed thankful for an adventurous friend as well that persisted.


And that marks the end of our day 4 post and the most adventurous of it all.

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We have one more part to go, for our last 2 days in Jogja. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to comment or drop us an email.


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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