Eat Shop Hong Kong x Macau Day 2: Capitol Cafe, Portugese Egg Tarts, Fisherman Wharf…


[Disclaimer: I had initially blogged about Day 2 and drafted it but due to some unforeseen circumstances, my newer post superseded my post and I have kinda forgotten some of the info in details. But I’ll try my best to recall.]

We started our day with a hearty breakfast at Capitol Café/Christy Cafe, which is known for their truffle scrambled eggs.

Directions: Exit Wan Chai MTR A4, walk against the traffic and walk along Henessy Road. Keep walking for about 5-8 minutes. Keep a lookout for a petrol station on the right. After the petrol station you should see a traffic light up ahead. Cross the traffic light to the right to a luxury timepiece shop. Then, turn left at the shop. You should be able to see Heard Street. Destination is on the left.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This breakfast place was so fantastic that we made a revisit. Service was good and staff were friendly, which is rare in Hong Kong and they provide English menu.

I absolutely loved their truffle scrambled eggs on toast! The eggs were infused with truffle taste. As with most macaroni soup in HK, it is on the bland side but it’s good for breakfast.

Now that our tummies are filled, we are ready for Macau!

Directions: MTR Sheung Wan Station, Exit D and then head up to the 3rd floor.

We took turbojet which cost us about HKD164/30SGD per pax. The journey took about slightly more than an hour to finally arrive in Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. Upon arrival, we immediately purchased our return ferry tickets before it got sold out like hotcakes. I would highly encourage you to buy in advance, especially if you are returning at night or evening. Our return tickets were slightly more pricey, I assumed it’s because of the peak timing that we are returning.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by many tour vendors but save the $$, you can roam for FREE or at least, at lower cost by taking their free hotel shuttle buses.

Directions: Take the underpass to the bus interchange, which is opposite the Ferry Terminal.

We first went to Venetian Hotel so we took their hotel shuttle bus. Had a few rounds of Jackpot at their casino. It was great fun considering it was our first time and honestly, it felt like arcade game. The hotel is pretty huge and we got lost trying to exit the hotel but had we not been lost, we wouldn’t have had chanced upon Lord’s Stow Egg Tarts. It is by far the best egg tart we ever tasted during this trip. Their fillings are pretty generous and the crust is not flaky. Koi Kei and Tai Cheong egg tarts however, paled in comparison.

Anyway, it is located at level 2 near the food area.

From the hotel, we took a cab to Senado Square where we hiked a little to St. Paul Ruins which was SUPER CROWDED.

Shopping wise, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to shop there for various reasons. First, their prices are in MOP which is the same as in HKD, or so I was told by the shop assistants. And if we were to pay in HKD, they earn a slight percentage because of the exchange rate. Secondly, when you pay in HKD, they return your change in MOP. Unless you are staying in Macau for a few days, it just isn’t quite worth shopping in Macau because you can’t do anything with MOP back in Hong Kong. I would rather save up that small percentage and spend in HK since the price doesn’t differ too much.

We wanted to head to Fisherman Wharf which is located very near the Ferry Terminal. Hailing a cab seemed like the only option for us, but a kind soul stopped us and told us that we could board a public bus to get to the Ferry Terminal and it’s only a few cents.

Directions: From Senado Square facing the main road, turn right and walk against the traffic. You should pass by a jewellery shop and soon, you should see the bus stop. Take bus no.3 and sit all the way.

Fisherman Wharf is located right opposite Sands Macau so we took their hotel’s shuttle bus once we’ve arrived back at the bus interchange. I’m glad I made a trip to FW many years back when I was doing internship in HK, I got to experience the whole place before it was “ruined” (pun unintended). Anyway, FW is much like Italy’s Colosseum except this is a smaller scale.  It was undergoing construction when we were there so we had limited access. And our photography skills were put to a test. The dragline excavators were always in the way so we had to angle our frames in such a way that the place looks perfect.

Back to Sands Macau to Jackpot a few rounds since we still had some time to spare before returning to Hong kong. The casino in Sands Macau is much smaller – just the size of a small ballroom.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

We had dinner at Lan Fong Yuen located at Level 3 of the shopping mall where we arrived at. They are famous for their milk tea, as for the rest, I can’t say I loved their food though. It was so-so. Maybe their standard varies across different outlet.

That’s it! Stay tuned for more..

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts on anything Hong Kong, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)

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