Eat Shop Hong Kong Day 3: Kam Wah Cafe, Ngong Ping, Big Buddha, City Gate outlet, Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong, Yat Lok Roasted Goose, Tai Cheong Bakery


As usual, breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe before we kick-start day 3. They are famous for their pineapple bun.

Address: 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward
Directions: Take MTR to Prince Edward and exit B2 to get to street level (between Tung Choi St and Sai Yeung Choi St). Once you exit, make a U-turn by turning right and cross over to the other side of the street, then walk straight ahead and turn left when you reach the Bute Street junction.

Ask for directions if you get lost, that was what we did.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (cos of poor service)

We were wondering what else to order besides the pineapple bun and thankfully, a kind lady who sat beside us recommended what the locals would order. We ordered their soup noodles with different toppings. Our bill amounted to 185HKD for 3 noodles soup, 2 pineapple bun and 4 cups of beverages.

Verdict? The soup was too salty! My mom, who can really take salty food finds it salty so you can imagine the unbearable saltiness. Also, their service attitude was the worst. MEH.

Next up, 360 Ngong Ping! The wisest thing I did before we flew to Hong Kong was to purchase the ticket online for the cable car ride because I presumed it was gonna be crowded. My mom kinda dissed the idea initially cos’ of the possible extra charges of the credit card but on that day itself, she was so happy I did. PHEW.

Indeed, THE CROWD WAS CRAZY. We arrived at about 10am and the queue was MADNESS.

Holding on to our e-tickets, we walked triumphantly in the express lane to the cable car lane with many pair of eyes looking at us green with envy. It was a hot day, I cannot imagine ourselves putting up with the weather and the LOOOOOOOOONG wait to get to the cable car ride. I believe we will give up on this attraction eventually. I’m so thankful I made the right move.

Directions: Take to Lai King MTR for transfer and sit all the way to Tung Chung MTR.

To allow my family to have the full experience on the cable car and a good view of the nature, I bought the 1+1 Crystal & Standard Cabin Round trip @ 240HKD per person. Meaning, we depart from Tung Chung on a Crystal cabin and return from Ngong Ping on a standard cabin.

Shopping and lunch were next at Citygate outlet, which is located at Tung Chung MTR. We didn’t snag many great deals except that my parents bought a pair of shoes each from Rockport. Citygate outlet houses many brands that retail at a relatively cheaper price but they are mostly slightly past seasons and their sizes run out fast.

Our plan was to have dai pai dong for dinner, also popularly known as back alley zi char style dining but this special culture is slowly fading, leaving with only a few stalls left in Hong Kong. Alas! after making my family climbed many stairs, walked up and down the slopes under the wet weather just to find the place, we were told that the stall owners went on a break! DANG. Quite disappointed that dad and sis didn’t get to immerse in this unique dining experience. Mom and I came before when my Hong Kong colleagues brought us there many years back.

But anyway, here’s the address and direction to Sing Kee (dai pai dong)

Address: 9-10 Stanley Street, Central
Directions: Exit Central MTR D2 to Queen’s Road Central. Exit right walk out of the alley then turn left, cross the traffic light over to Adidas then turn right, walk all the way past Zara and soon you’ll see escalator on your left. Take the escalator up and turn left. You should see the streets already.

I vaguely remember it’s either right smack on the left side after you walk out of the building where you take the escalator, or you’ll have to walk up the slope to the 2nd ‘tier’. But my vague memory tells me it’s the former. Regardless, it’s on the left side of the street. There are a few stalls along the same alley, be sure to dine at the correct stall: Sing Kee.

Since we didn’t have the honour to try dai pai dong, we had Yat Lok Roasted Meat instead, which is within the same vicinity.

Address: 28 Stanley Street, Central
Directions: Same directions to Sing Kee, except that once you exit the building where you took the escalator, turn left and walk down a few shops.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

This is by far the most expensive meal throughout our trip and we did not even order much. We simply ordered half a goose with one plain rice, 3 plain lo mee and 3 cups of beverages.

Tai Cheong Bakery is also within the same vicinity, we had to give it a try! But as mentioned in Day 2’s post, Macau’s Lord Stow egg tart is still the best.

Address: 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Directions: From Yat Lok, turn left and walk all the way until you see a slope (near the building of the escalator). Walk up the slope and take the flight of stairs up. You’ll see an upward slope on the right. Just keep walking up the slopes/stairs (for at least ‘2 tiers’), you will see the stall on your right.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

We called it a day after so much climbing and walking. I must say, Lan Kwai Fong area is not ideal for the older generation and those who have knee pain or are immobile. If your traveling group falls under these two categories, try to give Tai Cheong bakery and Mak’s noodle a miss unless they can withstand at least 2 to 3 flights of stairs/slopes. Yat Lok is still safe, cos’ there’s no need for any climbing of flight of stairs or up slope to reach them.

Now that we’re done with our sightseeing, it’s time for shopping for the rest of our trip! Stay tuned!

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts on anything Hong Kong, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)

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