Eat Shop Hong Kong Day 4: Duck Shing Ho Egg Roll, Mak’s noodle, Causeway bay, Four Seasons Claypot Rice & Fa Yuen Street


As mentioned in Day 3’s post, we went back to Capitol/Christy cafe for our breakfast. Since the cafe is within Hong Kong Island, we took the tram to our next destination – Duck Shing Ho Egg Roll @ North Point. Yes, the tram only operates within Hong Kong Island and it is only about 2.4HKD per ride. Well, it used to be 2HKD 6 years ago and that was how I commuted to work daily.6 years ago, mom bought many boxes of the delicious egg rolls back to Singapore and she wanted to do the same this time round HOWEVER, we arrived late and it wiped out at 9.50am. The shop opens at 9.30am by the way.

If you don’t want to be disappointed, queue as early as 8.30am. I think that was what we did 6 years ago but we’d totally forgotten about it and didn’t do the same.

Address: 64 Java Road, North Point
Directions: Get off at North Point MTR, walk in the direction of Exit A towards Java Road. Exit A will split into a fork, take exit A1. Turn left, walk towards this flyover for vehicles. If you can’t spot it, just walk towards ‘富安皮鞋’. The Java Road Municipal Services Building will be on your right. As you continue on, you shall see the Java Road Market on your right, just next to the MSB building. You will see this small alcove for trespassing under the flyover. There would be a 7-11 ahead. Walk towards it and the shop is right ahead.

If you’re taking the tram…

Directions: Take the tram that goes to North Point and sit all the way. After alighting, you should be greeted by the bustling market. Turn right after alighting and walk all the way, turn left at the end of the street and you should see the flyover. Turn left again and walk ahead. The shop is on the left.

It was raining that morning, but we still resumed our shopping with our umbrellas since we couldn’t lug home boxes of egg rolls. We walked around North Point toward Fortress Hill direction and eventually ended up shopping at Causeway Bay!

Shopping at Causeway is not exactly cheap unless they are on sales. My family bought a pair of Fitflop each and Melissa shoes were at 80SGD after sales so if you’re in SOGO and saw any item you fancy that are on Sales, don’t hesitate!

We left Causeway for lunch at Mak’s noodle.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Address: 77 Wellington St, Central
Directions: Exit Central MTR D2 to Queen’s Road Central. Exit right walk out of the alley then turn left, cross the traffic light over to Adidas then turn right, walk all the way past Zara and soon you’ll see escalator on your left. Take the escalator up and turn left. You should see the streets already. Walk up the slope to the ‘2nd tier’ and turn left.

There is something about the prawns in Hong Kong that I really loved! Their prawns are so chunky, succulent and juicy. Besides their wonton, their dumplings are awesome too and they do not cut corners when it comes to fillings. I would love to try their beef brisket noodle next time round.


After our lunch we continued shopping at Causeway Bay before heading back to our hotel to offload our shopping bags and take a short break.

Our hotel is really at an awesome location, dinner was just a mere 5-minutes walk from our hotel at Four Seasons Claypot Rice!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Address: 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei Kowloon
Directions: Exit C of YMT MTR. At the exit, take a sharp right turn at the fruit juice stall. Keep walking until you pass a rubbish chute area then take a left turn. The whole area sells Claypot rice actually, so do spot the correct one.

Their rice was quite bland though, that left us feeling quite disappointed. We tasted better ones in Chinatown, Singapore. If you’re not a big eater, one pot is good for two persons. What you really have to order is their Oyster omelette made from duck eggs. Each serving comes with 2 pieces and we ordered twice, but still couldn’t get enough of it. Craving for it now as I type! HAHA

After our dinner, we headed to Mongkok for our shopping!

Despite feeling really bloated from the rice, there’s always room for my favourite cold noodles!

Address: New Town Mall, ground floor beside the escalator.
Directions: Mongkok MTR Exit D2.

You get to choose from a variety of ingredients such as crab sticks, prawns, sotong, seaweed, corn etc. It is their sauce and chilli that spiced up the whole simple snack.

Shopping begins right after!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.07.54 pm

I love shopping in Mongkok than in Causeway Bay because of the price and variety. My sis bought an exact same pair of shoes found in CWB and Mongkok but CWB was retailing at a higher price. I particularly loved this street of shopping, it is much like Singapore’s Bugis street and they sell a variety of clothes at an affordable price from 12SGD onwards.

Directions: Exit Mongkok B3, take the escalator up to the huge overhead bridge. Turn right, and walk all the way to the lift on the left. Take the stairs/lift down and shopping awaits you!

Sneakers street is also my favourite. I snagged two pairs of sneakers – Nike & New Balance – at a relatively cheaper price! If you’re looking for sneakers in Hong Kong, look no further. My Nike Juvenate Woven cost me about SGD110 while my NB cost me about SGD70-80. Awesome deals!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.15.04 pm

That’s it for shopping!

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[Post contributed by Gen. N]

I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts on anything Hong Kong, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)

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