Yogyakarta Part 5 – Karton Museum Palace, Water Castle & Wake Up Home Stay


This marks the last post of our Jogja trip where we explored some of the local museums.

And so before I start on the museums, you might be wondering why there is a Wake Up Home Stay in the title? Well, the night before Airasia sent us an email stating that our flight has been rescheduled to 9am instead of the original 7am. Our initial plan was to check out, hang around the city and then head to the airport for stay-over because we needed to be there by 5am. But with the new rescheduling and after weighing our options, we decided to stay for an additional night and check out early next morning.

We wanted to just stick with our hostel but unfortunately they were fully booked hence we got to explore around and find a last-minute place to stay. Before arriving to Jogja, we wanted to try out Wake Up Home Stay so decided to check it out to see if they have a space.

And viola, they do! They have several options. From sharing pods to individual rooms, there is definitely an option you’re happy with. Location wise, it’s about 10 mins walk to the city.

Wake Up Home Stay
Address: Jl. Gandekan Lor no. 44
Yogyakarta – Indonesia
Website: http://www.wakeuphomestay.com/

We took the female 4 pod option & it’s pretty cosy. The shared bathroom is on the same level. We are given a key for the room and a locker space for our bed.


After which, we headed to the Karton museum and water palace which in our personal opinion, pretty normal.

Taman Sari Water Castle (inside Karton Palace Compound)
Address:  Jl. Taman, Kraton, Yogyakarta 55133

IDR30,000 (Ticket) + IDR 20,000 (Tour Guide)= IDR 50,000/SGD5.25 for 2 persons


We then proceeded to the palace where there were more readings and self-explanatory. They even have the traditional music and shadow play.

We ended the entire tour at about noon time and then proceeded to walk around.

Chendol. Ride on the horse carriage. KFC. Street side coconut snack. And then finding a cafe to chill & night market pretty much sums up what we did for the day.

We had a morning flight then next day so we booked a cab & headed back home.


Good Bye Jojga! It has been such an adventure :) We’ll be back!

p.s. I know this is a way long overdue post & hence content is shorter than the rest. Apologies for that but yay! finally completed the entire series. Till the next!

[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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