2D1N Staycation in JB KSL Hotel & Resort

JB Staycation

I was gifted a $50 Zuji voucher last year, and it’s due to expire in April 2018. It’d be a shame to let it go to waste, so I quickly booked a staycation just across the border – Malaysia, Johor Bahru!

A little disappointed Zuji doesn’t have a lot of hotel options that are value for money. They are either relatively cheap but less convenient, or cheap but run-down. Sometimes we just can’t have the best of both worlds, eh? Finally, I decided on KSL Hotel & Resort which is located right beside KSL City. We had to top up additional SGD72 for 3 pax (SGD24 each), which was pretty worth it.

We arrived in JB at about 10ish and went to have the highly-raved Kam Long Ah Zai Fish Head Curry for brunch before checking in. There was already a queue when we arrived, and we waited for about 15 minutes before we got ourselves a table.

How to get there:
Exit City Square Mall from the Macdonalds’ Exit or Office Tower Exit (beside H&M), cross the traffic light to the streets, walk all the way down and you’ll see them.

We used to frequent there in the past whenever we make a trip to JB, and we realized their standard has deteriorated. The curry became saltier and less fragrant. But it’s still worth a visit.

How to get to KSL City/KSL Hotel Resort:
Upon reaching Johor Bahru, walk towards the direction of City Square mall, take the escalator down to the bus interchange. Take Bus S1 which is at the last berth. A single trip costs RM1.50. Do prepare exact change.

Once you’ve arrived at the entrance of KSL, you can either go via the carpark/drop-off point to KSL Hotel & Resort or you can go via KSL Mall, which is on the right after you’ve entered the mall.

Upon checking in, we were asked to pay tax which amounted to about RM10. This hotel is ideal for family staycation with proper facilities to enjoy. Just look at the pool! Looks like a dinosaur water theme park on its own and check out the unblocked view from our door. I’d highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for a staycation in JB. It’s convenient and clean except that the price is on the high side but I’m willing to pay that extra for the convenience and cleanliness.

After offloading our belongings, we went straight to the hair salon to get our hair fixed. It’s my first time doing my hair at KSL City, I used to do it at Holiday Plaza but to minimize the hassle, I’ve decided to just do it at KSL. After doing some research and walking around the salons for some comparison, we settled with Infinity Hair Studio at Level 2, just beside the escalator. We found out during our interactions with the stylists that the salon is run by 3 biological brothers, and their sister runs the manicure parlour beside their salon. I trimmed and colored my hair at slightly more than S$100, and it was decently done.

I’ll always patronize a hair care shop at level 2 whenever I’m at KSL mall. They are a wholesale distributor for professional hair salon products, which are typically found in Singapore’s hair salon, and you can get them cheaper at half the price or more. For dinner, we crossed opposite to the streets to have a quick dinner. I didn’t take a picture of the shop but claypot rice is their specialty, which we didn’t order cos’ we were famished. Wait any longer we’ll become hangry (angry + hungry).


How to get there:
Exit from basement (Lavender bakery), cross opposite and walk towards the right from the Bak Kut Teh Stall.

Their kangkong was delish!

After resting our filled and satisfied tummy, we went for our massage at Century Health Care & Beauty – the massage place that Raine & I always go to, located at Level 1. They did a facelift, and the experience was awesome with huge movie screening and more reclining chairs to accommodate more customers. They even have charging points on the reclining chairs! Thumbs up! After our massage, we crossed over the road from the same exit as we did for our dinner and had lok-lok for supper.

As we were making our way back to the hotel, we walked past this shop at the hotel lobby with 8 claw machines and decided to check it out. Tempted, I changed 2 coins and caught myself a frog on my 2nd attempt! It was totally unexpected, I was absolutely thrilled! 1 try = 1 ringgit, so my soft toy only costs me about SGD60cents. Cheap thrill!

After checking out the next day, we went for our last shopping spree at City Square and had lunch at Dragon-I before heading back to Singapore. It’s a must to eat at Dragon-I whenever I’m in JB. Food is good and reasonably priced, what’s not to like? I love their salted egg prawns!


I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts on anything JB, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

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