Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 6 (2D1N Tour with Rabbie’s Day 1: Avebury, Lacock Village, Bath & Cirencester)


Heya! So as part of my trip, I wanted to head out of London to have a look. I wanted to have something easy for me as a solo traveller and decided to check out tours online. My colleague recommended me to look at Viator but after comparing with Rabbies and a few others, I decided to go with Rabbie’s and I’m glad I made the right choice.

The 2D1N Tour covers a few places including Avebury, Lacock, Bath, Bibury, Downtown Abbey and Oxford. The overnight stay was in Cirencester, Cotswolds.

One thing that I really liked about this tour is the small group. The maximum number of this tour can take up is 16 people. But when I was on the tour which is on a weekday (I purposefully chose weekday), there were only 6 of us, including me; so the size was pretty nice.

The meeting point was at Greenline Coach Terminal which is further down from Victoria Coach Terminal. Thank goodness for technology, I used google maps to reach the meeting point.

The meeting time was at 9am. I reached the place a bit earlier, got a subway coffee and was waiting at stop 3.

There were a few other tours that met there – just have to find the guy with the Rabbie’s shirt & let them know which tour you’re from will do. We took a short break in a mall after an hour. During the trip, I also learned that in the EU law, drivers must take a 45 minutes break after every 4 hours drive & this could be easily tracked in the sort of ‘black box’ in the van.

And this is how the van looks like

First stop, we went to Avebury, which is famous for the largest stone circle in the world. Since Stonehenge is not part of my itinerary, this was good enough too!

While driving by, Kevin showed us this really beautiful rapeseed flower field that was so beautiful! Look at the sea of yellow!


And after which, we went to Lacock village. It is a preserved medieval village & apparently, there were a few shows that were filmed in the village. While exploring, I noticed plants/herbs placed outside the house that was left unattended where it’s up to trust for you to place your money in exchange for the products.

Then, we proceeded to Bath and had about 2 hours of our free&easy time there. Before we alighted, Kevin recommended a few places that we could consider going. I chose the Bath Abbey & Roman Bath.

Bath Abbey is a church cathedral that was absolutely beautiful and stunning. Entrance is free but you can choose to make a small contribution if you would like. The moment I step in, I was captivated by the gorgeous view within. I took time to read through and appreciate the architecture of this place and out of the 2 hours I have, I took 45 minutes just being in here.


Was also very blessed to hear a pastor preached a short prayer when I was there.

After 45mins, I proceeded to the very popular, The Roman Baths. The Roman Baths was a must see that is told by many and also what I’ve read. The entrance fee was £15.50 (S$27.90).


I was thankful for the audio guide that helps a lot in understanding. Unfortunately, since I only have 1 hour, I did not manage to follow the entire guide & skip through quite a bit of explanation. Beyond just seeing the Roman Bath itself, I was glad they also had the museum which showcases the history of it. One tip is to bring your own earphones to plug into the audio guide.

And then, I was left about 15 minutes or so to walk around & supposedly to settle my lunch there.  I didn’t have time to buy proper food so settled with some chips and coffee instead. While waiting for the van to pick us up, saw this beautiful lake that I took a picture of.


The van came to pick us up & brought us to our accommodation for the night where we will stay in Cirencester. Cirencester is often referred to as the capital of Cotswold and was the 2nd largest town in Britain during the Roman times. I booked my accommodation through Rabbies as well where you could choose bed & breakfast, hostel or a hotel. I chose the bed & breakfast option and there we arrived at The Old Bungalow Guest House.


The hosts, Gary & Hannah was very welcoming & the place is really cosy and nice. The location is within walking distance to the restaurants, supermarket and shops. Have a look at the place inside!

Think it was around 5 or 6pm when we reached the accommodation and the sun was setting real soon. I had to find a place to settle my own dinner & to get some snacks from the supermarket. And the adventure spirit in me wanted to explore using the old-good map instead of a GPS… and guess what? That didn’t turn out too well, I went a huge big round or still couldn’t find the place I wanted so in the end, GPS saves the day!


The town was really quiet at 6pm & most of the shops were closed. To be honest, I was a little scared at the beginning simply because there was barely anyone on the streets. And then, I randomly find a dinner place to settle in – Cote Brasserie.


The food was a slightly high side but it was well worth it! I ordered a french onion soup, steak, dessert and wine – all for £40 (S$72). The ambience was nice and service staff was friendly.

While having my dinner, the table next to me was just chatting with me & they thought I was a resident there. They were very nice in recommending me places to go & I was asking them for directions to the supermarket. Glad I found it & eventually found my way back to the place. Below is a photo of how quiet the town is when it was about 8pm.


And that’s it for Part 6! I went back to the place early, watch television and had an early morning for the next day’s itinerary.

Hope you enjoy this post! Stay tuned & look forward to part 2 of my tour in the next post. Till then, feel free to leave me a comment :)


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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