Sydney 2018: Tandem Skydive in Sydney


Skydiving has always been on my bucket list for YEARS. And with that desire for several years, somehow the opportunity came just at the right time for me.

I did my first ever tandem skydive with Sydney Skydivers during winter. I booked myself the earliest slot online at 7am prior to my trip to Sydney and opted for the free shuttle. In the booking process, you get to choose the different packages: Photos, videos OR photos & videos at an additional cost. I bought the photos package but my friends who did skydiving advised me to grab the video package as well, which documents everything from the start to end — considering how I’ll probably only gonna skydive once in my lifetime.

I added my order & paid the outstanding on the actual day, and was given a discount of 3 bucks because I turned up for my slot when I shouldn’t have due to bad weather condition. So I paid about S$347 all-in.


Excited, I woke up before dawn, walked in the cold (7°C!) to the lounge where the pick-up point was at only to be disappointed and be told they tried to reach me, and also dropped me an email to inform that the 7am slot was postponed to 11am due to strong winds. Needless to say, I didn’t check my email. Thank God the lounge was just a 4-minute walk away from my AirBnb so I headed back to have some shut-eye after having had my breakfast in a cafe just next door with the cash voucher Sydney Skydivers had given me.

Tips: Be sure to check your email for updates before the day itself. Dedicate half a day for skydiving and book the earliest slot if you can to avoid disappointment. They only have 2 time slots per day so if you can’t go for the earliest slot due to bad weather (like me), at least you get to go for the next one.


After registering at the kiosk, this bus took us on an hour ride to the destination.


We were given a short tour around the area before arriving in this room where the counter lady called out our names to go over to the gear-up zone and it’s also where we met our instructors for the first time.

While gearing me up at the gear-up zone…
Instructor: Why did you come skydive?
Me: Um…it’s in my bucket list
Instructor: Well, that’s a good enough reason.



[From top left to bottom Right: Instructor telling me we have 3 more minutes to go, first leap, landing and ending shot]

The whole-time fear and nervousness were almost non-existent. I think I was high on adrenaline! I was feeling pumped up the entire time. All I could remember was, I was grinning from ear to ear as we were ascending 14,000ft above the ground whilst feeling thankful for such a perfect weather, and feeling exhilarated to jump. Quite a bit were going on while heading up. The instructors were giving commands, shifting a stopper to the door gap while the jet plane was in mid-air, and harness tightened. All of these got me too fascinated to even bother about anything else except to enjoy the whole process and preparing for the leap. There were a total of 15 jumpers (including me) on that day and 8 of us were on the same jet plane. I was 4th in line to jump.

So…I remember gasping for air through my mouth cos of the air pressure/altitude. It’s almost impossible to breathe through your nose during the plunge. Too many things were happening at once, once again. My mouth was still opened trying to breathe (not difficult to imagine how my videos/photos turned out HAHA), waited for the ‘tap-tap’ signal to spread my arms wide open and I was busy taking in the beautiful scenery from the birds’ eye view while thinking, “Are we there yet? Can I breathe normally already?”

The plunge felt longer than expected. I honestly couldn’t remember how long I was “flying” for before my instructor deployed the parachute but all I know was, I can finally breathe easy and relax after a long haul.



It was crazy, I can’t believe I finally and actually did it! It’s worth every penny :)

If you’re still sitting on the fence, I’d encourage you to take the leap! (no pun intended)

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

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