Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 8 (Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Phantom of the Opera)


Hello everyone! Sorry for the 2-month hiatus – it’s a crazy period at work and hence it kinda stops for a bit. I’m not as productive as I thought I could but I’m getting there. After almost a year, I’m finally completing the series of post on my London Journey – after today’s, I still have a sharing on my Brighton day trip which was super exciting; the harry potter tour that everyone raves about and Portobello Market + some of my personal thoughts to end off the London series! I also can’t wait to kick-start on my next series – either on Thailand (BKK & Khao Yai) or Taiwan (Chiayi, Alishan & Taipei)!

Watching a musical has always been a must-do in my list – many of my friends have told me so much about how watching it in London is different as compared to Singapore so here I am. During my research, I was looking at cheaper alternatives since I was watching on my own and by myself & I found this place called TKTS London.

TKTS London is a place where you get discounted and last minute deals – but the thing is, you have to be there in person to queue > and it’s based on a first come first served basis. You can also check out the tickets available in advance on their webpage.

I was there just before 10am (the opening time) and there was 2 person in front of me. By the time it reaches 10.30am, the queue was pretty long. So glad I managed to get the stall seats for Phantom of the Opera tickets at £$43 (S$77.50) – it’s super worthwhile so I highly recommend you to be there early to queue to get the good seats.

After getting the tickets, I was contemplating whether to head to the Buckingham Palace. I had checked out the reviews on trip advisor and it varies across. My friend said it’s worth a go since I’m already in London – kinda like a to check-off list. So, after much contemplation, I decided to just head over and check it out.

To be honest, I really felt that there it’s not really worth it. The place was really packed and crowded with people. Even when the procession was going on, I can’t see much too despite being on a higher ground. To top it off, that day was a clear and sunny day so it’s really warm as well. So, I guess, it’s either you be there early to grab a good spot or like what I observed some people does, is to bring binoculars so you could see the procession :)

Being a really free & easy day, I settle at some place for lunch and then chance upon a park in the area. Bought a coffee, some cookies and I sat there got a good 2 hours. I love how they have deck chairs for rent. You just have to sit there and the person will come to you for payment. In the end, the weather was so nice, I sat there for 2 hours before heading to find dinner & catching the Phantom of the Opera!

There are many food places around the Theatre. Dinner was this random pasta place near the theatre. Phantom of the Opera was so good! I was so close to the stage (about 4th row from the front) that when one of the scenes was emitting smoke, I was literally in the smoke!

And there goes my part 8 adventure! I love days where there are no plans so you just get to randomly walk into places, check out shops and bazaars that are there. Next up will be the day I head to Brighton for the day trip. Hope you enjoy reading this & feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

You can check out the earlier travelogues as well.

Till the next one!


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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