Hello there & Blessed 2019!

Hello all,

blessed 2019!

First of all, blessed new year and 2019 to everyone! It’s never too late to wish you a good year ahead right? 2018 has been a year filled with challenges and I haven’t had much time to be able to do what I like – and that includes journaling and sharing the details of my trip. I take joy and pride in doing this – as this also acts as a platform for me to recount on trips I’ve embarked on before.

That’s also the reason why though my semi-solo adventure trip is a really long post and after 1 year am still on it (which is really bad), that I persist on still writing and finishing up. And I do hope to finish the last few parts by Q1 of 2019 (haha).

In 2018, I was so busy and when I have free time, I prefer to just rest and literally do nothing instead of writing – hence the lack of posts. However, sharing this platform with the bestie, Gen was a great choice > we both co-contribute to the content in different ways and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts thus far.

Just a little recounting of the places I’ve travelled in 2018:

    1. March – Sihanoukville, Cambodia
      One of my annual trip – heading to the mission field with my church. It was a privilege to serve and to share the gospel with the children.
    2. April – Kula Lumpur, Malaysia
      A random road trip with a group of my close friends. One of my friends drove and we spend a 3D2N in KL to just eat, sleep shop and repeat :) We also managed to take a pit stop in Malacca to have some good Nonya food
    3. May – Bintan, Indonesia
      I reckon I needed a little break from the hustle of the city and to just wind down – hence this impromptu short 4D3N trip! I posted my trip here, you can check it out
    4. June – Bangkok & Khao Yai, Thailand
      A family trip that was planned due to an error ticket my sister booked. I particularly like Khao Yai more cause it’s less busy – but probably not so suitable as a family venue > most of the places of interest were closed when we were there or very quiet. The quietness is what I liked but probably not so for my family. I hope to be able to share on my Khao Yai experience soon!
    5. September – Taipei, Chia Yi & Alishan, Taiwan
      My long awaited break after 3 months of back-to-back events at work! I’ve been to Taipei before so I was really looking forward to nature and cold in Alishan! It wasn’t really easy to research on info for Alishan so I really want to share my experience with you all sometime :) I’m also in the midst of editing my first travel video – let’s see how this pans out! (haha)
    6. November – Bintan, Indonesia
      Back here again, but a different resort and purpose this time round! I was here for my church camp.
    7. December – Batam, Indonesia
      I wanted to go for a resort holiday to just recharge and rejuvenate and at the same time go somewhere for my birthday week. I didn’t really enjoy the facilities in the resort in Nov and hence resort holiday it shall be! Instead of Bintan, this time round I headed to Batam, Montingo resort. I’ve heard reviews of this place and just nice there was a promotion ongoing so my friend was cool enough to go with me. To be honest, it wasn’t as great as I thought it is – I’ll find some time to do this post first since it’s going to be pretty straightforward.
    8. December – Hanoi, Vietnam
      This trip wasn’t a leisure one but for work. The experiences I gained from is a very different one. It’s also a privilege that I get to do this and visit the different businesses so yes, the work trip marks my last trip of 2018.

And wow wow wow, I didn’t even know I travelled that much – it was multiple of short trips and while I desire to go on longer trips, I’m contented and thankful that I was able to travel despite the commitments I have on hand.

In 2019, I hope to do more things that I like and that includes writing and posting on this platform. I realised particularly through my journey last year, how important it is for self-care and self-love. That intention of doing so is so important.

As we start the year afresh, may we bring our best self into this new year and leave all the past baggage behind. May we travel more, see more and open our eyes and hearts to the new horizons and pastures ahead.

Till then, I’m on my next post already so look out for it!

With love,

Raine Ong

[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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