Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 10


Hello everyone! I’m finally onto my 2nd final post of this series! This marks my last 3 days of my journey. Woohoo! This means I’m one step closing to the next series (haha). HARRY POTTER was one that was definitely on my list. Loved the movies and am curious about what the set and tour will bring me so here we go!

We took a train to Euston train station & from Euston changed to Watford Junction. From Watford Junction, you’ll be able to catch a paid shuttle bus (about £$2.50, S$4.50 for the return trip) to the studio. The shuttle bus stop is really easy to identify, just cross the street once you exit from the station and you’ll see it!


My dear friend Kristie has been there many times & she’s so sweet to join me again. She helped to book the tickets online so when we arrived, we just need to collect the ticket from the machine.


The ticket was £$35, S$63.

Upon entering, you could grab a digital guide that will help you throughout the studio tour.


The tour is divided into few segments.

From sets to props to costumes, to special visual effects and so on. There’s also a cafe in the middle of the tour for you to have a rest and have a butterbeer.

Wouldn’t want to spoil the entire experience for you, so here are some photos & snippets for ya!


My first try on butterbeer – it was foamy (haha). Overall, I loved the tour and could stay even longer if not for the time. I was rushing through some portions of it and didn’t really manage to listen to all the portions on my digital guide.


Oh ya! And with every of such tour/ places, you’ll always get the chance to fulfil your harry potter dream – and I paid £40, S$72 for these 2 printed and e-versions of my ‘harry potter’ outfit and a video. I’m really a sucker for these photos for memory sake.


And this marks the end of my Harry Potter Studio Tour post! Hope you enjoy reading! I’m just one more step away to the end of this series.

Till the next one!


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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