Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 11


Hello everyone!
REJOICE with me as I started writing this final post that sums up my London trip back in 2017. Can you sense my joy of finishing up this series! This post is about my visit to the Portobello Market, Borough Market (again) just for the oysters! and to the all famous must-try flat iron for their steak!

Portobello Market is known for its antique and collectables stuff. It also has a lot of buskers talent along the streets as you walked through it. We went on a weekend and it was so packed!

Some sights & snippets of the street as above! Apart from the antiques and collectables, you can also find yummy food as well! Kristie recommended this paella shop that was superb! It was really good and for £3.50, S$6.30 – do give it a try next time you pop by!

Not so much of a collectable person, I pretty much just weave through the place and we left in 2-hours time? It’s still worth a look if you like antique stuff though :)

Portobello Market
Portobello Road, London W11
We alighted at Notting Hill Gate and walked for about 5 minutes or so

After Portobello, we went back to Borough Market for the Oysters! Ate a dozen this time round cause it was so goood! 

It felt like an eating day? After Borough market, we did some shopping and walking to digest the food before we head for an early dinner to eat the all famous FLAT IRON STEAK.img_4113They do not take reservations so usually for most of the outlets, it is quite packed during dinner time & could take up to more than 1-hour of waiting time. Do drop by early, get your queue number before going shopping so you don’t have to ‘wait’ that long!

We were pretty blessed as there were available counter seats – we just took that! And I guess one advantage of travelling with 2 is table seats are easier to get. I pretty much enjoy seating at counter seats – it allows me to people-watch the staff and sees what they do :) 

Upon seating down, we were offered some popcorn! 

The ordering here is really simple – it’s a standard steak for £10, S$18 that is served with house salad. You can choose to order more sides to top it up! Kirstie recommended the creamed spinach and I decided to add on fries with it! 

And the conclusion? It’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten – so tender, juicy and yummy! Worth the queue, the price and would totally come here when I’m back in London next time. Before we left, the counter staff actually bless us with a dessert! How favoured we are :) Come here for a meal the next time you’re here!

Flat Iron Steak

On the last day of my London trip, Kristie wanted to bring me to the breakfast club for brunch before church – but it was so crowded so we didn’t queue for it. We randomly went to this cafe/ hotel called Refuel!

I guess in London, no matter which random cafe you hop onto; food will taste decently good. We ordered 2 English breakfast with toast and 2 lattes all for £54, S$97.20. The place is also tucked in a quiet corner – all along the same stretch.

4 Richmond Mews, London, W1D 3DH 

And to end off my last day in London, Kristie also brought me to this pretty sunset bar for drinks, shopping and some must-buy cookies back to Singapore!

The delicious cookies & chocolate place is called Fortnum & Mason! I bought £80, S$144 worth of cookies and chocolate back home for my colleagues and family. It’s really tasty and sweet heaven for those who enjoy cookies, tea, sweets, chocolates!

And so, to sum it all up, I really love London especially the smaller towns off the city! There are still so many unexplored grounds that I would love to venture into the next time I return. Till then, I hope this series has been insightful for your own planning! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or places I’ve missed out and should totally visit!

Till the next one, which I am thinking what to write about :)


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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